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GUWAHATI: Two animal rights organisations of Manipur have jointly announced a bounty of Rs 60,000, seeking information from people about two persons who killed a Golden Retriever.

The Manipur Dog Lovers Club and the Yening Animal Foundation announced the reward to secure justice for Mylo, the seven-year-old male dog.

At midnight of October 3, two masked men came riding a two-wheeler, killed the dog with a stick, carried the carcass, and fled.

The incident occurred right in front of the house of the dog’s owner Longjam Anandkumar at Wangjing Lamding Cherapur in Thoubal district. It was captured by a CCTV camera.

Anandkumar has already lodged a complaint with the police. The police said they were probing the case.

Laishram Joy Singh, who is the president of Manipur Dog Lovers Club, told The New Indian Express that as it was dark, the bike’s registration number was not clear in the CCTV footage.

“It is a very unfortunate incident. When we heard about it, we immediately contacted the dog’s owner. We had also contacted the police seeking their help to trace the two accused persons,” Singh said.

He said the dog was dear to Anandkumar and his family members. “They are inconsolable. They have stopped eating food,” Singh said.

He said if required, the members of the two organisations would submit a memorandum to the state government seeking justice for Mylo and urging it to rein in the cases of cruelty against animals.

Given that some people in the Northeast relish the meat of dogs as a delicacy, it was suspected that Mylo was killed for its meat.

A poster campaign was organised on Wednesday seeking justice for the slain dog.

“Poster campaign on #JusticeforMylo was held at Thoubal district yesterday. Manipur Dog Lovers Club and Yening Animal Foundation pasted over 200 posters in and around Wangjing Cherapur. Thank you to all the volunteers for joining us,” the Manipur Dog Lovers Club wrote on its Facebook page.