The land of my country, gold rose, diamonds and pearls … This line fits perfectly in Chhattisgarh region. There is a record crop of paddy in the soil of Chhattisgarh, full of water, forest land and mineral resources. Similarly, cow dung was of no value until a few years ago in this state, which is a pioneer in paddy production. Some people used the name of cow dung to ridicule someone, and there were many people who used to look at cow dung and started to shrink their nose and touch the cow dung. This was all a few years ago, now the unusable cow dung has become very useful and valuable here. No one is spared from even touching it. Pleasing lamps, manure and other products are not being made from cow dung. The love between cow dung income and husband and wife, happiness among the family is also increasing. One such story is from Kawardha district, where the wife of Gopalak Tirath Ram Sahu knew that one day this cow dung would give her a mangalsutra of gold. Tirath Sahu, who lives in the village, not only converted Gobar into income, but also strengthened this bond of love by buying a mangalsutra for his wife from his income. The effect has started appearing in different forms. So far, Rs 47 crore 38 lakh has been paid to the dung vendors under this scheme in the state. The result of timely payment to Gopalco is that prosperity is increasing as the revenue of cow dung collection is increased. The happiness of Mrs. Kajabai and her husband Mr. Tirath Ram Sahu, registered pastor in village Sonpuri Gudha in Kawardha district, had increased since the day Godan Nyaya Yojana was launched in the state. Tiratharam told that he too got his registration done in Gothan Management Committee. He earned 22 thousand 150 rupees from selling cow dung. He told that he works as a mason but with this income only the expenses of the house are able to run, he could not buy anything other than he wanted. He does not even have farming. Rural Tirathram said that after being registered with the Godhan Nyaya Yojana, apart from the available dung in the house, the cow dung is collected from outside and sold to the committee. All family members help in this task.