Makhana can be cultivated twice a year on the land of Dhamtari. The use of farming on the land filled with immense potential has been successful. The department has become active as soon as the result of experimental farming is positive. At the Agricultural Science Center Dhamtari, the National Horticulture Board team inspected the area.

The team consisted of Satish Kumar Sharma (Deputy Director National Horticulture Board) and Indramohan Verma (Retired Professor SKRAU Bikaner Rajasthan). The officers involved in the team visited the aquatic crop Makhana and Singhara’s nursery. Senior Scientific Head of the Center for Agricultural Sciences, Dr. SS Chandravanshi showed the Makhana and Sighara crops planted in the center.

Makhana and water chestnut are aquatic crops. The place where there is waterlogging. It can be taken twice a year in those places. 23 Makhana crop is planted in Dabri. The nursery is ready for 30 to 40 acres. This nursery will be made available to the district department, farmers and other district departments and farmers. Information was given about the method of planting seeds of Makhana from seedlings to seed collection.