Mahasamund is famous for its cultural history. This region was the capital of Dakshin Kosala, ruled by the ‘Somvanshi Emperor’. They are also centers of learning. There are a large number of temples here, which always attract visitors due to their natural and beauty. Fairs / festivals have become a part of people’s lives here. Dakshin Kosala i.e. Sirpur in present Chhattisgarh is at the top of all international famous historical sites. Sirpur is situated on the banks of the holy Mahanadi River. It is a complete merger of cultural and architectural art. Sirpur was formerly known as ‘Sripur’ in the time of Somvanshi emperors and it was the capital of Dakshin Kosala. The state of Sirpur is very special in the history of Indian art because of its values ​​of religious, spiritual, knowledge and science along with important and original experiments.