Maharashtra: Water storage in most of Marathwada dams less than that of last year

AURANGABAD: While parts of western Maharashtra and Konkan are facing floods due to heavy rains, the water level in various dams of the Marathwada region has dipped as compared to this time last year, as per the irrigation department.

The total water storage capacity of 45 big reservoirs in the region is 4,505.36 million cubic meters (MCM). “On Monday, the water stored in them was 1,991.22 MCM, or 44.2 per cent as compared to 47.01 per cent on July 26, 2020,” a report from the irrigation department said.

It further said that 81 medium reservoirs in the Marathwada region had 247.84 MCM water on Monday as against their total storage capacity of 1,056.42 MCM. Their storage as of now is 23.46 per cent as compared to 30.19 per cent last year, the report said.

Besides, 838 minor reservoirs have 212.15 MCM water compared to their total storage capacity of 1,810.49 MCM. They are filled up to 11.72 per cent of the total storage capacity as against 13.03 per cent last year.

As on Monday, the Jayakwadi dam was filled up to 35.82 per cent of its total storage capacity, Majalgaon-31.7 per cent, Yeldari-69.57 per cent, and these figures were lower than last year, the report said, adding that the Sina Kolegaon dam (Osmanabad) had zero storage on Monday.

However, the Lower Dudhna dam was filled up to 82.79 per cent of its total capacity, Lower Terna-56.6 per cent, Lower Manar-89.3 per cent, Siddheshwar-76.9 per cent and these figures were higher compared to last year.

The Manjara dam, which supplies water to Latur city, was filled up to 22.36 per cent of its capacity, while its storage on this day last year was zero, the report said.