Nobody is bigger than law, not even a minister: Maharashtra HM Anil Deshmukh

MUMBAI: Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on Friday said he has tested coronavirus positive. He shared the information on his Twitter handle.

“I tested positive for coronavirus today, but I am in good health. I appeal to those who came in my contact to get theselves tested. I will return in your service soon after defeating coronavirus,” Deshmukh said in his tweet.

आज माझी कोरोना चाचणी पॉझिटिव्ह आली असून माझी प्रकृती उत्तम आहे. तरी माझ्या संपर्कात आलेल्या सर्वांनी कोरोना चाचणी करून घ्यावी, असे मी आवाहन करतो. लवकरच मी कोरोनावर मात करून पुन्हा आपल्या सेवेसाठी हजर होईल.
— ANIL DESHMUKH (@AnilDeshmukhNCP) February 5, 2021

A state health official said Deshmukh was on a tour of east Vidarbha over the last few days and returned to Nagpur on Thursday. “A precautionary test was conducted on him today, which confirmed that he has contracted the infection. Deshmukh is currently at his residence in Nagpur,” the official said.

He added that it is not yet clear whether he has been advised to remain in home quarantine or get admitted to a hospital