Bengal reports COVID-19 deaths below 100 for 3rd day, records

Express News Service
MUMBAI: The Maharashtra health department revised its total COVID-19 death toll by adding up more than 10,693 deaths in the total tally of COVID-19 fatalities deaths across the state. The total deaths in Maharashtra were calculated 1,06,367 since the outbreak of the pandemic.

However, the opposition BJP alleged that the Maharashtra government concealed these deaths numbers and now in the name of technical glitches they are adding up now. Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis said that he was warning the Maharashtra government not to conceal any positive cases or the deaths as well.

“This is not the issue of pride or insult, but the transparency is very important to fight against this deadly virus. I have also written several occasions to the government to be transparent during the pandemic,” Fadnavis said.

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Sources in the government said that the total COVID-19 deaths tally can go further so each day and new death figures will be added in the total COVID-19 death tally of the state government.

According to the state health department, they collect data on positive cases and death tally from various government sources at various platforms. “Sometimes, the private hospitals do not share the information about the positive cases and deaths caused by COVID-19 on time and that piled up data is later collaborated. So, it is not a deliberate attempt but it is part of the system. As and when they receive the information then it is immediately added in the total tally of the positive cases and deaths,” said a health department official.

“In the month of May, there were large numbers of positive cases and deaths and though administration was to maintain the daily data, they were busy making beds and other services to tackle the pandemic. Therefore, most of the left of the numbers are from May,” said an official from the state health department.

He added that the situation is normalized and therefore they have asked the local administration to verify and cross-check the given and left out information about the positive cases and deaths. Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray also said that the Maharashtra government will not hide any information related to COVID.