BHOPAL: A special scheme of the Madhya Pradesh government has so far benefited 1,001 children whose both parents had died of COVID-19, an official said on Wednesday.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had launched “Mukhyamantri COVID-19 Baal Seva Yojna” in May to take care of such children.

Under this scheme, financial and food security is provided to eligible children.

Besides, the government also takes care of their education, the official said.

“So far, 1,001 children from 34 of the total 52 districts in the state are notified under this scheme,” he said.

Under this scheme, each beneficiary child is entitled to monthly assistance of Rs 5,000.

Money gets deposited in the joint account of children and his/her guardian.

After the completion of 18 years of age, the money will directly go into the account of the beneficiary person.

The eligible children also get monthly ration under the National Food Security Scheme.

They are also entitled to get free education in state-run institutions including schools and colleges, where they can pursue engineering, medical and law courses, the official added.