J&K L-G says wait as father of slain militant sticks to his demand

By Express News Service
Lulu Wang, Olivia Munn, Daniel Dae Kim, Mindy Kaling and more celebrities are speaking out in support of the Asian American community following shootings in Atlanta on Tuesday evening that left eight people dead, out of which a majority of them were women of Asian descent.The Posthumous director Lulu Wang responded to a tweet by reporter Kat Chow that read “I want to know their names, who and what they loved, the people they had waiting for them at home, everything they hoped for.

Olivia MunnI want to know the fabric of their days and the contexts of their lives.” Wang quote tweeted, saying “I know these women. The ones working themselves to the bone to send their kids to school, to send money back home. In too much pain to know what else to say so I’ll just leave this here.”

“The violent attacks and murders against Asians are still happening. Please help us. We need help to be safe in our country. Stop Asian Hate. Please,” Olivia Munn tweeted. The actor has been vocal about the rise in violence against the Asian American community.

Daniel Dae Kim tweeted, “The race of the person committing the crime matters less than the simple fact that if you act with hate in your heart, you are part of the problem. And to those with the power to help and yet sit idly by, your silence is complicity.”

Mindy Kaling also took to Twitter to express “enough is enough” regarding the rise in anti-Asian hate speech and violence. “The targeting of our Asian brothers and sisters is sickening, but not surprising given the normalizing of anti-Asian hate speech in the past year.”