LPG prices are reviewed on the first of every month. That way everyone is waiting for 1 November. It is expected that this time also there will be no major change in the prices of domestic LPG. That is, before the festivals, the relief of the common man will remain intact. Meanwhile, LPG Subsidy remains the subject of discussion. In fact, the price of LPG in the international market has come down so much that there is no need to give subsidy to the government. Thus, in May, June, July, August, September and October this year, customers received very little subsidy. Only Rs 37 was deposited in the accounts regarding delivery of the cylinder. Let me tell you, the price of subsidized and non-subsidized LPG cylinder has become almost equal since May this year due to the decline in the international market. The government differentiates the price of subsidized and non-subsidized LPG cylinders in the form of subsidy in the customer’s account. A big rule related to booking LPG is going to come into force in November. Now an OTP will come on booking LPG cylinder. The cylinder will be delivered only after showing this OTP. The government believes that many people are black marketing in the name of booking their cylinders. Black marketing will stop when the OTP system is implemented. This decision is being taken just before the festivals, then the black marketing of domestic LPG cylinders increases. After this, even LPG agencies will not be able to do any kind of rigging.