Collector Mr. Chandan Kumar has appealed to the cattle owners of the district not to leave their animals in the open but to send them to Gauthans. He said that as per the tradition, from July 1, they should start Roka-Chheka campaign in their respective villages. He has also given necessary directions to the Chief Executive Officers of Agriculture and Livestock Development Department and Janpad Panchayat in this regard. Appealing to the farmers and livestock owners, he said that during the rainy season, there is a disease of galghotu and ectungia in the animals, to prevent this, their animals must be vaccinated. Intensive vaccination campaign is being run in the district by the Veterinary Department to prevent the disease of buffalo and buffalo in cattle and buffalo.
Appealing to the farmers to adopt profitable crops like pulses, oilseeds, the Collector said that Rajiv Gandhi would encourage the cultivation of pulses-oilseeds, tur, soybean, maize, sugarcane, kodo-kutki, aromatic paddy by the government. Kisan Nyay Yojana is being operated. If the farmer brothers who had cultivated paddy in the last Kharif season, if they produce or plant other beneficial crops in the same area this year instead of paddy, then they will be given input assistance of 10 thousand rupees per acre. has gone. Farmer brothers doing plantation will get this input assistance for the next three years.