Learning material will be prepared by juggling with junk

In order to make school children understand the complex chapters of the curriculum, teachers will prepare learning materials by juggling the junk available in the surrounding. Under the National Avishkar Abhiyan, fairs will be organized from school level to district level to prepare educational materials. The theme of this competition will be based on Basic Literacy and Numerical Knowledge. A provision of Rs 30-30 thousand has been made for organizing the competition in each block and district. This competition will be organized at the cluster level in the first phase from all the primary schools of the state. On this day, teachers will prepare interesting and effective helpful teaching materials from each school and take them to their packages. Keeping in mind the usefulness of the aids in the package, the important role in the learning campaign, the ease of use, maintenance and the ability to use for a long time, etc., the best aids will be selected. In the second phase, the same competition will be organized at the block level. The best selected supporting teaching materials from all the packages will be displayed in the fair organized at the block level. Excellent supporting teaching material will be selected at the block level. In the third phase, selected excellent supporting teaching materials at the block level will be displayed in the fair organized at the district level. In this fair at the district level, excellent supporting teaching materials will be selected. Auxiliary Teaching Material In the fair, teachers will be able to create useful teaching learning materials for learning various types of innovations and various skills related to basic literacy and numerical knowledge. Some of the areas suggested for the preparation of aids are language learning, math learning, toy teaching, experiential learning, learning using puppets and masks, pocket boards for learning and different types of flash cards. , Picture-stories, Big-book, Poster and Samples for design-rich environment design, Digital learning materials and online materials and Innovative multi-use learning materials online can be prepared. The State Project Office, Samagra Shiksha has issued instructions to all the District Mission Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in relation to this competition to be organized on the theme of Basic Literacy and Numerical Knowledge under Junk Se Jugaad. The concerned officers have been asked to complete all the work related to the competition from school to district level within the time-limit. According to the proposed time limit for organizing the competition, the work of creating material for learning basic literacy by the teachers at the school level is to be done before October 8. At the cluster level, a competition will have to be organized by the schools for the selection of excellent supporting teaching materials before October 15. Similarly, it has been asked to organize the excellent assistant teaching material selection competition at the block level before October 22 and at the district level before October 19. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading