Samsung will be releasing a BTS Edition of the Galaxy S20+, Evan Blass has confirmed. The special edition handset follows a similar leak about a BTS version of the Galaxy Buds+, on which we reported a few days ago. It would seem that Samsung has just given the Galaxy S20+ a new paint job, as it did with the Galaxy Buds+.

If the BTS logo and purple finish was not enough, then Samsung has included a small purple heart on the rear-facing camera housing, too. Presumably, the BTS Edition will come with other custom content like wallpapers. Blass has not confirmed this though, nor pricing or availability. He has published a photo of the retail box on his Patreon page too, which is adorned with multiple hearts.

Unsurprisingly, the appearance of a BTS Edition of the Galaxy S20+ has divided Blass’ followers. On the one hand, some people are fans of the colour. On the other hand, others seem to think that a BTS edition of the Galaxy S20+ somehow demeans the Galaxy brand. Regardless, the device will inevitably be snapped up by people who align themselves with #BTSARMY irrespective of its price.