WASHINGTON: After a jaw-dropping premiere of season 11 of the horror series ‘The Walking Dead’ on Sunday, actor Lauren Cohan revealed what’s next for her character Maggie and her rival Negan in the upcoming season.

As per E! News, in the premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’, fans watched Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) left Maggie (Lauren) to fend for herself as a horde of Walkers descended upon their group in a subway tunnel.

The move came after Negan called out Maggie’s leadership skills, and accused her of being “too preoccupied with his presence”.

For a quick recap, Negan is an antagonist who killed Maggie’s husband Glenn (Steven Yeun) in the season seven premiere. The series has shown a bunch of such activities done by Negan including killing Alpha (Samantha Morton) in season 10; in order to get into the gang’s good graces.

However, in an interview with E! News, Lauren shared that viewers will see the foes engaged in a “push and pull” relationship this season.

“For me it’s like, just when you think it’s one thing, something else comes into play, or a corner is turned or there’s a new revelation, and then it feels like they go again one step back,” she shared earlier this month.

She further detailed the current antagonists, a lethal group called ‘The Reapers’, are the “bigger fish to fry right now”.

Lauren also shared her experience of filming the intense scenes in the subway location for the forthcoming season.

“We stepped down this subway into the depths of our own hell,” the 39-year-old actor said adding that she loved the metaphor that came about from it.

The new episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ air on Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. All the episodes of season 11 will also air one week early on AMC plus, as per E! News.