For the last almost one year, the whole world including India is fighting with an unknown enemy named Kovid-19. Many people who were affected by its infection had to lose their lives. It is a matter of pride that India is one of the countries which after a long trial successfully completed the discovery of the vaccine called Kovishield for prevention and control of corona virus. The vaccine for its initial phase is being administered in the country, state and district as well from January 16. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. D.K. Turre said that the first batch of 3400 nos. Voils of Kovishield in the district reached on Friday and started it on Saturday by getting themselves vaccinated. He informed that the officer-employees of the Health Department (Corona Warriors of the first line) are being vaccinated from Monday after Saturday. Its second phase vaccine will be applied on the same day after one month. The Chief Medical and Health Officer also said that it is coming to see that many misconceptions have been spread about it, which are unmistakable and baseless. Sharing his own experience, Dr. Turrey said that it is similar to a tetanus vaccine, so far no health workers who have been vaccinated have reported any problems or adverse effects of the vaccine. He clarified that this is a normal vaccine, whereas the person concerned is subjected to a complete health test in which the vaccine is applied only if it is found suitable.
It is noteworthy that the vaccine of Kovid-19 in the district from January 16 till now, against the target of 880, more than 57 percent of 500 health workers have been safely vaccinated. Apart from the district hospital, the community health center Magarlod in Magarlod block, Dugali, Keregaon, the village health of the Nagaland development block from January 18, the community health center Kurud and primary health center of Kurud development block, and the primary health center Gujra and Dhamtari Christian Hospital of Dhamtari development block. (DCH) is being vaccinated with covaxine. Dr. Sanjay Wankhede, Senior Medical Specialist posted in the District Hospital, said that he got vaccinated on the first day and after the vaccination no health problems or symptoms have been reflected yet. Data entry operator Mr. Girish Dewangan said after getting the vaccine that there was some doubt about it earlier, but even after 72 hours of getting it, no adverse effects have been revealed.