Kolkata municipal polls: Left Front manifesto urges voters to 'save city from damage'


KOLKATA: Accusing the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) of causing “serious damage” to the city’s environment as well as its civic amenities in the past 10 years, the opposition Left Front on Monday urged people “to turn the steering wheel” in its direction during the December 19 Kolkata Municipal Corporation polls.

The manifesto, which was released during the day, has a colourful layout with poll promises such as shelter for labourers, women empowerment and amenity provisions for third gender written in Bengali.

CPM leader Sudip Sengupta said, “We, the people of Kolkata, have to swerve left as our vehicle has reached the edge of a steep terrain. If the steering wheel is turned right, we will fall into a deep ditch. To save the city from future damage, people will have to veer the steering wheel to left.”

Sengupta also said that simple “catchphrases” were used in the manifesto for the ease of understanding of all. The manifesto, resembling a book of illustrations for children, said “We want the rainbow for the full sky, not half (for women and other gender minorities).”

Another Kolkata district committee member of the CPM said that the KMC board, under the TMC, has set a benchmark for “poor performance”.

“From filling up waterbodies, flouting environmental norms for building apartments, asking for cut money for civic services to failure to give aid to the poor and the middle-income group, this Kolkata Municipal Corporation has done everything that is detrimental to the city and its people,” he added.