During the Kovid epidemic in the district, the corona positive pregnant women have brought an atmosphere of great happiness for safe delivery. On June 15, two pregnant Corona positive women were admitted to the hospital at the Kovid Hospital at Geedam in the district. When the time of delivery of pregnant women came, the doctors and staff nurses on duty, with full vigilance and caution, performed safe delivery, following the rules of Kovid-19. The children and mothers are completely healthy. On 15 June 2021, Mrs. Lakshmi village Hiranar and Mrs. Valley Madkmi village Gudse Patel Para were admitted to the Kovid Hospital, Geedam. As the time of delivery approached, staff nurse Pratima Sunani and Khushboo Jhadi made safe delivery of both the women wearing PP kit. Mrs. Lakshmi gave birth to a healthy girl child and Mrs. Wally gave birth to a healthy boy. During the delivery, all preparations were made for safe delivery, so that both the pregnant Kovid positive women could be delivered. Eventually both the women had a safe delivery and both