Kia Kumari Preeti's dreams of Chief Minister Skill Development Scheme became self-sufficient by establishing self-employment

Kumari Preeti has started her own employment after getting training in computer through Mukhyamantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Due to which they earn up to Rs 400-500 per day. Kumari Preeti, a resident of Duldula development block of Jashpur district, told that she was neither able to do any business nor job in any sector because she did not have skills in any particular area. But she wanted to stand on her own feet. For this, she received 3 months free residential training in computer trade under Chief Minister Skill Development. Kumari Preeti tells that she has become proficient in computer after getting training and has started computer center in Duldula. She is doing computer related job work, setup, photocopying, internet work, recharge, online ticketing and other work in her computer center. Preeti has not only strengthened her financial position, but she has also hired another girl who has been trained from Livelihood College in her shop. Preeti has become an inspiration for young girls like her today.No.5314 /Ravindra Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading