Key points of the press conference held by Public Works Minister Shri Jitin Prasad in relation to the 81st session of IRC at Lok Bhavan here today.

Public Works Minister Shri Jitin Prasada while addressing the press representatives in connection with the 81st session of IRC at Lok Bhawan here today said that this year the 81st session of ‘Indian Road Congress’, Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department is being organized by. Which will be organized from 8 to 11 October at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan located in Gomti Nagar. 2500 representatives of national and international companies involved in road construction are going to participate in this program. These things were said by PWD Minister Jitin Prasad in a press conference held at Lok Bhavan on Saturday. Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari will be the Chief Guest, Shri Jitin Prasada said that in this year’s convention, about 2500 from across the country and 1000 from the state. Road experts, scientists and top engineers of many states will be involved. Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will inaugurate IRC-2022. In which Hon’ble Union Minister for Road, Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari will be included as the Chief Guest. Along with this, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of the State, Hon’ble Ministers and Principal Secretaries and Administrators of various departments will also be present, including Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways. , was born in 1934 in Delhi. Lucknow has so far got the opportunity to host the third session December 1937, 45th session February 1985 (Golden Jubilee), 56th session November 1995 and 72nd session November 2011 respectively. This event will be the fifth occasion for Lucknow, which is a matter of pride for Uttar Pradesh. 19 technical sessions will be organized in 3 days Public Works Department Minister Jitin Prasada said that 19 technical sessions were organized in this 3-day long convention. Will go In which technical experts of the country and abroad, engineers of various departments and undertakings of the State and Government of India, institutions related to road and bridge construction, scientists, consultants will make presentations on various topics. He said that policy decisions would be taken by national and international delegates after brainstorming on technical subjects. Along with this, a decision will also be taken to apply the new technical specifications to the road construction works. By marking them for repair and restoration of bridges, using new technology, repair works will be completed in less time. Presentation on latest systems, road research papers, general discussions, consultations with experts and research papers etc. and IRC’s council meeting will conduct field visits on important works. Shri Jitin Prasad said that in the meeting of the Principal Secretaries, Secretaries, Chief Engineers and Chief Engineers of the states, policy formulation on various subjects is also set to be done. 180 stalls of technical exhibition will be set up. Shri Jitin Prasad said that high level technical companies from the country and abroad. And by the technical departments and institutions of the country, the latest machinery related to highway engineering, bridge engineering and road safety, new technology equipment, new survey equipment and new technical systems will be displayed by companies related to their specialized products and techniques. He said that a total of 180 technical exhibition stalls would be set up. Due to which start-up schemes and employment opportunities will be available in the state. Cost reduction and environment protection due to use of new technologies, Public Works Department Minister Jitin Prasada during the press conference narrated the excellent work done by the department. He said that in the last 5-6 years new technology and FDR. The construction cost was saved by completing the work. Also, about 5 million m in carbon emissions. Tons reduction and environmental protection. At the same time, technologies like cement stabilization and ETA (Emulsion Treated Aggregate) have brought down the cost. In addition, environmental protection is also being done. Green highway projects. Shri Jitin Prasad informed that many expressways have been constructed in the state. Highways are being built using waste plastic, fiber reinforcement, geosynthetics. We have implemented the digital system. Under which ‘Prahari’ app can be used for evaluation of tender process, ‘Chanakya’ for bill related process and e-MB, ‘Vishwakarma’ for work progress and budgeting system and ‘Srishti’ app for GIS data of routes. Cultural programs will be organized daily in the evening, Shri Jitin Prasad said that in order to showcase the cultural heritage of the state and to give recognition and fame to the folk culture and local tourism of Uttar Pradesh at the international level, every evening cultural program is organized. Uttar Pradesh Sangeet and Natak Akademi. In which Dhidiya dance of Prayagraj, Faruahi dance of Bhojpuri region, Army band, Jashnebahara of Awadh region, Roshan Chowki of Awadh (by Padmashree Malini Awasthi), cultural India philosophy based on the Amrit festival of Azadi, Jaihind’s army drama written by Mahendra Bhishma, Ram Ram Aarti by the team of Vandana, Sita Swayamvar, Varanasi and Ghazal by Padma Shri Soma Ghosh will be given. He informed that after the convention, local and various tourist and sightseeing programs are also proposed to the delegates who came with the help of the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department. What is IRC (III)? It is an apex body of scientists and engineers, which determines or re-determines the standards, specifications related to the construction of highways, bridges. For this process, convention annual session is organized every year at selected places of the country, in which new techniques related to the construction of highways-bridges are discussed and discussed among the participating experts, scientists, engineers. This will help in making the state’s economy 1 trillion. Shri Jitin Prasad said that environment friendly work can be done at low cost, in less time with the latest technology of the country and abroad. This will prove to be a milestone in making the state’s economy one trillion dollars. He said that in the session of the session, there were discussions and extensive discussions on various topics, after presentation, IRC on policy subjects. New particulars will be issued by the council committee of the This will give a new impetus to the development of the state and the country in the coming years in the construction of roads and bridges. Young engineers will get start up and employment opportunities. Along with this, infrastructure and development will also get a new impetus. On this occasion Minister of State for Public Works Shri Brijesh Singh, Principal Secretary Public Works Shri Narendra Bhushan, Secretary Public Works Shri Ajay Chauhan, Director Information Shri Shishir, Chief Engineer and Head of Public Works Department Shri Sandeep Kumar, Chief Engineer, Engineer and Planning Shri Arvind Kumar along with other departmental officers were present. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading