'Kebakh' from Uzbekistan to Dehradun: Man opens mobile BBQ on bike, gets praise from Raveena Tandon

Express News Service
DEHRADUN: The week started with a bang for 30-year-old Ishan Agarwal who has started his ‘Bandstand BBQ’ last week as he got mention in cinestar Raveena Tandon’s Tweet. 

Former marketing head for entire middle east for an Australian Coffee firm, Agarwal’s BBQ which literally runs of his Royal Enfield motorcycle has found customers across Dehradun. 

The main item of all his dishes, the ‘Kebakh’ is a kind of ‘Kebab’ from Uzbekistan. 

He came across the delicacy in year 2015 while he visited Jizzakh city of the country. His ‘Kebakh Bun’ vegetarian, non-vegetarian and ‘Kebakh Plate’ have become a talking point of the capital within days. 

Talking about his living his passion Agarwal says, “I come from a well to do family so it is not as much as about money as about following the dream. Of course money is important but at this point I want to prove that no work is small. As our honorable Prime Minister says we should not shy away even from selling pakoras if we can put our heart and mind in that work. I am just trying to do that and making more than Rs 5000 per day.  

Cmon Dehradun! Show some love ! https://t.co/WvI2Uex1Yw
— Raveena Tandon (@TandonRaveena) January 12, 2021

Started to put use his culinary skills to use since he was about 3-year-old, the graduate in mass communication became known well in his family, relatives as well as extended circle well. 

His mother Rinty Agarwal who is his best critic says, “Ishan took up cooking at fairly early age when most children are just bothered about toys and candies. Laster on, we were in awe of his cooking, especially his special Kebabs.”

With investment of less than Rs 15000, his ‘stall’ is opened on his bike at 6 pm everyday for atleast 5 hours till 11 pm at Rajpur road of Dehradun. 

Sanghamitra Ghosh, a regular at his stall describes his ‘Kebhaks’ as the best ones ever had.

“I have had opportunity to relish on Mughlai cuisine as much as I can in many Indian cities but this ‘Kebakh’ by Ishan is unmatched. Now I have become regular along with my family and friends at occasions,” adds Ghosh relishing the ‘Mutton Bun Kebakh’ at the stall at around 7.40pm on Wednesday. 

Vedank Singh who was the first one to Tweet about Ishan and his ‘Royal Enfield Kebabs’ recalls him as a person who is walking manifestion of ‘Patience Persistence and Perseverance’.

“He was on top of his game, always passionate about what he did but his heart was always into culinary and allied fields. Always full of ideas to create something to inspire youth that if they work hard they can make their dreams come true,” quips Singh whose tweet got mention from Raveena Tandon urging people of Dehradun to ‘Show some love’. 

Ishan lost his job during lockdown he started an e-commerce company in September 2020 with Rs 30,000 which now has 50 skincare and lifestyle products with turnover of Rs 1.5 lakh per month. 

Interestingly, the company is run by him single handedly right from manufacturing to marketing, packaging and other activities.

“I want to tell the youth of Uttarakhand that not much money is needed to start or create something new. Innovation, hard work and strategic investment along with your passion to make it big are important ingredients,” adds the mass communication graduate. 

Talking about how the lockdown taught him importance of minimalistic life, the avid traveller revealed, “I learnt that not much is needed to live happy, content and peaceful life. I have my share of peace now and will pursue my passion to realize my dreams in bigger magnitude.”