Srinagar. In a report prepared by the security forces and intelligence agencies, it has been claimed that there are groups of women in the valley who are spreading the ideology of ISIS to the people. Hence, youth in Brahmavash are being organized in Jammu and Kashmir and on a large scale Kashmiri Muslim youth is motivated to go on the path of terror. Though the Indian government has been denying the presence of ISIS in the country, it has happened many times that ISIS and Pakistan’s flags have been displayed during rocking in Srinagar.

For example, after getting the information of the group that officially supports ISIS’s ideology, the Government of India can not override it. Intelligence reports have revealed that the women members of the group are forcing people to become terrorists by spreading the ISIS ideology in different areas of the valley. Their group name is Daulat-ul-Islam. According to information from sources, this is the first group in the valley which is active. It is being speculated that this year the group was active after the death of ISA Fazli, a terrorist named Anantnag in Kashmir this year.