Julia Stiles to make directorial debut with 'Wish You Were Here'

By Express News Service
Actor Julia Stiles, famous for starring in Jason Bourne series and 10 Things I Hate About You, will make her feature directorial debut with Wish You Were Here.

The film is a romantic drama, based on a novel by author Renee Carlino, who also collaborated with Stiles for adapting the script. The story revolves around Charlotte, a woman who finds herself in a trench, searching for a motivation that seems out of reach.

After she has a night of romance and imagining a future with a man named Adam, he ghosts her. When Charlotte finally discovers that Adam is terminally ill, she helps him spend his last days living life to the fullest.

Stiles will not act in the project, which is backed by Phiphen Pictures. The actor previously helmed  multiple episodes for the TV show Paloma.