US President-elect Joe Biden while speaking at a news conference at the Biden transition headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday named Chinese-American trade lawyer Katherine Tai as his nominee for the US Trade Representative. While making the announcement, Joe Biden said that his administration’s key priority will be the unfair trade practices by China. Katherine Tai would inherit a critical, cabinet-level position tasked with enforcing America’s import rules and brokering trading terms with China and other nations.

Speaking further about his decision at the conference, Biden said, “She understands that we need a more strategic — to be considerably more strategic than we’ve been in how we trade, and that makes us all stronger, one that leaves nobody behind.” US President-elect also mentioned that Tai will closely work with his economic and national security and foreign policy terms. He said that Katherine Tai is a dedicated, deeply respected public servant and veteran international trade expert who has spent her career working to level the playing field for American workers and families.