The genie of Pakistan’s father Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s photo has again surfaced in Aligarh Muslim University. Local BJP MP and AMU court member Satish Gautam has taken over the photograph of Jinnah. Tariq Mansoor has written a letter. It is said that for which reasons Jinnah’s photograph is located in some places. The question is, Jinnah was the chief architect of the partition of India and Pakistan and at this time Pakistan is also doing unnecessary acts. How logical is it to put Jinnah’s picture in AMU? Jinnah’s photograph is in AMU’s Student Union Hall. The ruckus was first raised with an RTI on this matter. Where was the picture of where Jinnah was engaged? He could not even answer. The picture of Jinnah is in the upper hall of Union Hall.

Here are pictures of more than 30 such people who have been given membership of the union. Jinnah had come to AMU before partition in 1938, when he was given a membership of the Union. The union first gave Gandhiji a membership in 1920. The University does not mean directly with the decision of the student union and teachers association. Whom does he mean by calling, it does not mean from the university. Jinnah was subscribed before the partition in 1938, due to which his picture was engaged in Union Hall. MP letter is not yet received. Pro. Saife Kidwai, Member Incharge, Public Relations Department, AMU MP had courage in him, instead of writing to the Vice Chancellor, write to the Union Speaker.

Jinnah was given membership of the union before the partition, the diamonds of that time were. We treasure history. Do not tamper like RSS. Mashakur Ahmed Usmani, AMU Student Federation President Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh). Aligarh Muslim University officials on the issue of sensitive issues related to sensitive issues today clarified that the university is not under the pressure of any government agency and the university will not allow political parties to intervene directly in the campus under any circumstances. Spokesman Prof. Shafa Kidwai said that the university officials had been in the last four days Switch to have received two different letters on two controversial issues on behalf of different people.

Last week, Alamgir Muslim University (Amvivi) Vice Chancellor Tariq Mansoor, the National Self-Service Federation worker, was asked by Mo. Amir Rashid to write a letter to the association’s branch at the university campus. Similarly, BJP Lok Sabha MP Satish Gautam wrote a letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University and asked why the picture of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah was made in Amvivi’s student wing house? Though the letter of the MP has not been received by the Vice-Chancellery office yet, MP Gautam has given information to the media about this letter himself. Speaker Pro Kidwai on the issue of the National Self-Service Association’s branch said that no political party Or will not allow the organization’s camp or branch to be placed in the premises.

He said that VC College, AMU Staff Association, AMU Student Union, occasionally invites political leaders and social workers in various programs from time to time. The minister said that any political party will be allowed to intervene directly in the premises Will not give in the condition. On the question of BJP’s Lok Sabha MP Satish Gautam’s photograph of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, he said that there is a very old tradition of Amvivi that he gives lifetime membership to the great figures of major political, social and education fields. According to the record, the first lifetime membership was given to Mahatma Gandhi on October 29, 1920. In the list of great personalities who received lifetime membership, C. Rajagopal Chari, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Dr. CV Raman, famous British author etc. M. Forster included. He told that Jinnah was given the lifetime membership of the Amvivi Student Union in 1938. Jinnah was a founding member of the Shivali Court and he donated it.

They were given the membership when the Muslim League did not demand Pakistan. He said that the photograph of all the lifetime memberships was put in the student union. Even after Independence, Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Azad, Dr. Radha Krishnan, Rajgopal Chari, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Pandit Nehru never raised this issue. The person said that this photograph is a valuable symbol of the legacy of undivided India. And no one has ever raised this issue nor did he protest He said that Amvivi Student Union is an independent unit and it has got some autonomy within the purview of the Constitution of the University. No VC or governing body does not interfere in it. Although our opinion differs on many issues of the student union, but we try not to interfere in the affairs of the Amvivi administration.