The success of any event is supported by the entire team of organizers. If all the works are divided and do it diligently, then definitely the program will be successful. Do not impose your work on others. He should fulfill the responsibility that he gets. If someone needs help handling the system, feel free to ask for help. Be ready to help others yourself. Do not think that it is the responsibility of others, not mine, why should I do it. Remove this feeling from your mind, only then the program will succeed and you will get inspiration to innovate. Many such tips were given by JC’s trainer Amitabh Dubey to the new executive of JCI to do better in future. JCI Raipur Vama Capital introduced ‘Open Your Wings’ program for new executive members. About 30 newly elected executive members of 2021 participated. According to his post, he was briefed about his works. Instructor JCI Senator Amitabh Dubey divided the members into five groups and gave them tasks related to five different areas such as management, social, business, training, and explained how the smallest program can be organized properly. Also told the leadership responsibilities through a video clipping. Provided role play to teach leadership art.