In Jashpur, District Surveillance Officer of Health Department, Dr. RS Pankera, started the vaccination by applying Kovid-19 first vaccine. All the guests present at the program congratulated the Health Department for Kovid-19 vaccination. Today is a very historic day when humans have won over a terrible epidemic like corona. Vaccination will control Kovid-19 infection. During the Corona epidemic, the Health Department has contributed significantly to the service and human interest of the people. For this, health department employees have been given first priority in vaccination of Kovid. There is a lot of enthusiasm among people due to vaccination in the district. The Health Department official said that the vaccine is completely safe and is being applied following the entire protocol. The vaccination team is fully alert here. The general public should have no doubt or hesitation in vaccinating them. He said that even after getting the vaccine, necessary precautions including cleaning of hands, use of masks, following the rules of social distance will be taken. Hence from now on, the rules of medicine as well as strict action will have to be followed. He told that 28 days after the first dose is equally necessary. Only then will the vaccine yield true results. After the vaccination, all the vaccinated employees, including the District Surveillance Officer Dr. Pankera, were kept in the monitoring room for half an hour. After being vaccinated, Dr. Pankera told that he was not at all apprehensive about the vaccination and he did not have any problem after the vaccination. They are very happy to get the vaccine.