The inauguration of State Revenue and Disaster Management Minister Jaisingh Aggarwal will be inaugurated on Thursday at 12 noon giving the status of Tehsil to Hardibazar Sub Tehsil Office. Formerly, Hardibazar has been functioning as a sub-tehsil office. It is noteworthy that Bhupesh Baghel, the head of the state committed to the all-round development of the state, this is an important step in the direction of providing more facilities at the local level to bring administrative tightness and to ensure public access to the officials at the administrative level. Certainly the operation of this office will provide a lot of convenience to the people and they will no longer need to go to the Katghora Tehsil office for the Tehsili level works. It is known that for a long time there has been a demand of public representatives and common citizens that Hardibazar should get the status of Tehsil.