CM Bhupesh Baghel said Jain huge contribution to the economy of the country’s society has, thanks to his contributions as we move up the head all over the world. He said that there is a huge potential for trade and industry in the state of Chhattisgarh. Is being made new industry policy in the state, Jain society it can play a meaningful role. States are being given priority to agriculture, horticulture, forest-based industries.  Shri. Baghel was addressing the reception hosted by the gross Jain society today Jainm Manas Bhavan. This opportunity has been honored with quince Chief shawl on behalf of society. MLA Program and former Minister Satyanaran Sharma, MLA Shri Kuldeep Juneja and Mr. Reckhchand Jain, Mr. Gajraj Pagaria gross Jain community, including the mayor, Mr. Pramod Dubey Municipal Raipur, Shri Mahendra Dhadiwal, Mr. Indrchand Gdiwal, Mr. Paras Chopra society several organizations were present officials and social brothers.  He said the reception ceremony that the new government as well as agricultural loans to farmers’ interests apology and a half thousand per quintal in rupees to be increased purchasing power of farmers decided paddy procurement and a booming business and commerce. He will be the state in villages by government for the establishment of agro-based industries, business and endeavor to contribute towards promoting the industry and help.
 Shri Baghel said Vananchal region of the state are four Chironji, tamarind, bamboo etc. abundance in Bastar. These values ​​are businesses, local people based on the edition may be given employment. Surguja, Jashpur, Kondagaon etc. can be imposed processing plant corn in the fields. He will Smririddhi to create jobs in agro-based industries and villages.  In that state Chief Minister’s mass production of rice. Farmers meet the cost of two thousand five hundred rupees per quintal to potential yields of rice and grow. Was not produce paddy in Punjab and Tamil Nadu, but now is the production of rice, so there was went to look into the possibility of making bio-fuels from excess production of paddy workshops. He said at the workshop farmers fair value and benefit to the industry is focused on creating bio-fuels policy. Is currently allowed to join Athanal 10 percent gasoline, but only be mixed with 4 percent, thus there are additional possibilities to 6 percent Athanal.