Collector Shri Rajat Bansal inspected Maharani Hospital Jagdalpur on 26 August 2020. During the inspection, the necessary arrangements of the hospital and the medical work currently being done in the context of infection of Kovid-19 were reviewed.

During the inspection, Collector Mr. Bansal said that the Maharani Hospital is located at the heart of the city and there is regular movement of people in the hospital for health benefits, so PPE for health workers who are direct from patients in the hospital. All measures should be taken to prevent pest and infection of Kovid-19. He directed the Civil Surgeon, Maharani Hospital and said that 03 days of Home Isolation should be done when the employees working in the institution are affected by the person infected with Kovid-19. Thereafter, Kovid-19 infection should be investigated. Attendance should be given in case of negative report if Isolation of next 2 days is done on positive report. After this, take the next medical action based on the symptoms that are reflected.

    Shri Bansal said that if the person is found infected with Kovid-19 in the hospital premises or ward, the said site should be sanitized and sealed for a period of 24 hours. In order to make the medical devices in the hospital infection free. Lamps should be used. The hospital should be sanitized every morning and evening. Work should be taken seriously. Disciplinary proceedings will be proposed if there is negligence in work. Ensure adequate availability of antigen pests. Buffer wards should be made functional in Maharani Hospital and imposing penalty through Jeevandeep Committee on the amount of rupees imposed by the government on the persons who move without mask.

     The Collector instructed the Civil Surgeon, Maharani Hospital to inquire about the symptoms of common diseases in the hospital for those who are admitted for medical benefits. On being informed about the symptoms of cold, cough, fever, it is advisable to go to the Fever Clinic for treatment. Organize weekly meeting of third and fourth class employees working in the organization. The issues of employee welfare should be discussed in the meeting as well as encouraging employees to do excellent work in the meeting.