School Education and Cooperation Minister Dr. Pramsay Singh Tekam inaugurated the Financial Literacy Week organized by the Reserve Bank of India in the capital Raipur today. Addressing the heads of various bank institutions present on the occasion, he said that agriculture is the backbone of the state’s economy. To strengthen agriculture, the flow of finance in agriculture has to be further increased. To increase financial investment in agriculture, farmers have to be aware of the banking system. Dr. Tekam said that during Financial Literacy Week (8 to 12 February), people should be informed about taking loans, timely repayments, where to get loans, information about digital banking system as well as caution. He also released promotional material, posters and audi-videos for awareness during Financial Literacy Week on the occasion.
Dr. Tekam said that financial literacy means the ability to understand the proper use of money. ‘Financial education’ means getting the right information about ‘wealth’, so that we can secure and improve our financial future, while managing our wealth properly. Promoting financial education means helping people to solve their financial problems. He told the bank officials that we have to bear the responsibility, not the problem, but to be part of the solution, then every family of our society will be financially strong, only then our country will be financially strong.
Minister Dr. Tekam said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, many decisions have been taken by the state government in the interest of farmers. The intention of the government is that the farmers should use their income, expenses, etc. thoughtfully. Farmers need to be assured of planning while doing many tasks, from planning of crop production, taking loans when required, estimation and payment of interest, marketing of their crops, etc. He said that in Chhattisgarh, customs, traditions and Teej festivals are also associated with wealth. Many festivals are celebrated after harvest. After the arrival of the new crop, the profit from selling it and the prosperity of the house are mixed with each other. Dr. Tekam said that we should save some money from our earnings in the right place. The habit of saving should come from childhood. Everyone should come to prevent unnecessary expenses, save money and invest in right place. He said that we should maintain a financial diary to keep track of our income and expenses.