As the bad phase of Corona period came to an end, in the new year, crowds of tourists thronged many famous places in Chhattisgarh. After the conditions are normal, the Board of Tourism has started work on a plan to attract private investors for investment in tourist destinations.

Under the new tourism policy, investors will be given special exemption in electricity bill, tax, transport and stamp duty. This will benefit the investors as well as the tourism board and due to the facilities, tourists from all over the country and abroad will be attracted to visit the tourist places.

Under the new tourism policy, facilities will be increased in the same tourist places in the initial phase, where hundreds of people go for picnics on weekends or holidays. Tourist places are planned to be specially visited near Kawardha near Chilfi Valley, Achanakmar, Amarkantak, Hasdev Bango, Chitrakote, Gangrel Dame of Dhamtari, Satarenga, Devphari, Water Fall, Mainpat etc. near Fingeshwar. The number of new cruises and houseboats will be increased at picnic sites along the river, lake.