INTERVIEW| Our parents' generation is not as open as we are: 'Family Karma' actor Vishal Parvani

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Who doesn’t love family drama? And what better way to catch up with one than by watching an episode of Family Karma! The reality show revolves around the lives of several Indian American families over three generations who relocated to Miami, Florida in the US, around the same time. The show is billed to be the first reality series with an all-Indian cast.

One of the leading faces from the show is 35-year-old Vishal Parvani who is a big real estate magnet, whose personal life is the most talked about on the show. We speak with Vishal Parvani about the show, his Indian roots, and more.

How did Family Karma happen?

Our family has had an interesting journey in Miami for the last 30 years. So, when they came to us with the show, it was great. All the families on the show know each other.

How is the whole reality show experience?

We are leading our normal lives, nothing different, only cameras are following us everywhere all the time. I am working in my family’s real estate business, which I took over from my mother, Reshma, recently. Initially, there were a few reservations as being Indians we like to keep our family drama within our walls and not stream it on national television.

Moreover, our generation was open to the concept but the parents’ generation is not as open as we are. So, it was difficult for them to open up in front of everyone in the beginning. For me, it was a liberating experience. We learned how not to make a big deal out of small issues.

Your relationship with Richa Sadana has been talked about a lot.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, ours too went through it. We have known each other for many years, we had a few issues but we opened up and understood each other. Our parents too had a few problems with each other and they don’t get along with each other like any other in-laws.

Your extended family is in India. Have they watched the show?

When it was streaming in the US, they always asked when they would get to see it in India. Now that they can watch, everyone is very excited. They are getting to watch our lives, in depth, which is much better than when we would meet at family functions for a little time.

How often do you visit India?

I am a Sindhi and Punjabi at heart, so I love India. I last came to India right before the pandemic happened in October 2019. I try to visit once every two years at least.

Will you work in Bollywood if you get a good offer?

Absolutely. Not many know that I have done a few acting gigs in commercials when I was in Los Angeles. But to me, acting is more of a hobby.

Future plans.

Focus on my family real estate business.

‘Family Karma’ is streaming in India on Hayu