With the initiative of Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahria, the use of cow-dung and cow dung has been made mandatory in all the bodies of the state to be burnt at the square-intersection during cold days. Along with this, instructions have been given to give priority to the use of cow-wood and kandas in cremation in body areas. Instructions have been issued by the state government to all corporation commissioners and CMs of Municipality and Nagar Panchayat in this regard. The cow dung produced from Gothan and the dung purchased from cattle ranchers are used in making dung wood in addition to organic manure.
Gothan is currently being run in almost all the districts of the state. Under the civic body, 377 gothan are approved across the state. Under which 169 women self-help groups are working. Apart from organic manure, many products of cow dung are being made in these plants. Gau-wood and kande are also being made in Gothan. In a total of 141 places cow dung making machines have also been approved and this machine has also started working. Cow-wood made from dried cow dung is a type of wood made of cow dung. Its size is being kept wooden from one to two feet. Cow-wood is in a way the value version of Kande. Due to the widespread use of cow dung, new sources of alternative fuels are being developed, new employment opportunities are also opening up in villages and cities of Chhattisgarh. Women of self-help groups are stepping into the path of self-reliance. Recently, the state’s first Godhan Emporium has also opened in Ambikapur in Surguja district, which has a range of cow dung products. Demand for cow wood and cow dung products is also increasing in other districts of the state. Work is going on to make paint and wall putty from cow dung. In Diwali there is a demand for cow dung, pottery, decorative items.