Industries Minister Shri Lakhma inaugurated three new paddy centers

Industries Minister Shri Kawasi Lakhma inaugurated new paddy centers at village Kundanpal, Kanjipani and Birsathpal in Chhindgarh block of Sukma district. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the farmers on the fulfillment of the years old demand. With the opening of a paddy selling center nearby, the farmers have got a lot of convenience. Earlier, they had to go to the paddy procurement center after covering a distance of 7 to 8 kms. Minister Shri Lakhma congratulated the regional farmers for setting up these paddy procurement centres. On this occasion, Minister Shri Kawasi Lakhma said that continuous work is being done to solve the problems of common people. The villagers of Kundanpal, Kanjipani and Birsathpal areas made a demand for paddy procurement centers here, making them aware of the problems being faced during paddy procurement, which they are happy to fulfill. Last year, paddy procurement centers were also established at Kerlapal, Netanar and Errabor in the district. He said that next year paddy procurement centers would be set up at more places also. The registered farmers of Michwar, Kunna, Pedaras, Pendalnar, Doleras, Pusgunna and Kundanpal Gram Panchayats falling under Kundanpal area had to travel the distance up to Kukanar last year to sell their paddy. But now with the opening of the paddy procurement center locally, those villagers have become comfortable. On this occasion, District Panchayat President Shri Harish Kawasi also addressed the villagers. During this, CEO, District Panchayat Shri Devnarayan Kashyap, SDM Sukma, Ms. Preeti Durgam and officers and a large number of rural people were present during this period. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading