The country’s foreign exchange reserves have increased to an all-time high of US $ 575.29 billion with an increase of US $ 2.518 billion. The Reserve Bank of India has released this data for the week ending November 20. In the week ending November 13, the reserves had increased by $ 4.277 billion to $ 572.771 billion.

The increase in foreign exchange reserves during the week under review was due to increase in foreign currency assets, which is a major part of total reserves. According to RBI’s weekly data, FCA increased by $ 2.835 billion to reach $ 533.103 billion.

Foreign currency assets are seen in dollar terms. This includes the impact of the rise and fall in non-US units held in the Foreign Exchange Reserve, such as the euro, pound and yen.

Gold reserves declined by $ 339 million to reach $ 36.015 billion in the week under review, according to central bank data. Special drawing rights held by the International Monetary Fund increased by $ 4 million to $ 1.492 billion. According to the data, during the week under review, the country’s reserves also increased by $ 19 million to $ 4.680 billion.