India ranks 10th in Asia-Pacific Personalised Health Index

NEW DELHI: India ranked 10th out of 11 Asia Pacific countries in a newly-launched health index to measure the progress towards personalised healthcare.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report ‘Asia-Pacific Personalised Health Index’ measures the readiness of 11 health systems across the region–Australia, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and New Zealand–in adopting personalised healthcare, enabling the right care to be tailored to the right person at the right time.

The ‘Personalised Health Index’ measures performance against 27 different indicators of personalised health across four categories called ‘Vital Signs’.

These include Policy Context, Health Information, Personalised Technologies and Health Services, the report said.

In the health information indicator, India ranked 10th with a score of 41. It takes into account data, infrastructure and technical expertise driving personalised healthcare.

In health services, India ranked 11th with a score of 24.

The indicator takes into account planning, organisation and delivery of services with respect to personalised healthcare.

Under Personalised Technologies indicator, India ranked 9th with a score of 30.

This indicator takes into account the devices, applications, platforms and reimbursement structures that will drive personalised healthcare based on the needs of stakeholders.

With a score of 48, India ranked 5th in the Policy Context indicator that takes into account the polities, frameworks, partnerships, people and drivers that will facilitate personalised healthcare.

The findings further indicated that Singapore performed highest overall of the geographies measured due to a combination of high levels of digital maturity, comprehensive national strategies, a strong digital infrastructure and expansive innovation capacities leading to top scores in both the Health Information and Personalised Technologies categories.

Taiwan (2nd), Japan (3rd) and Australia (4th) also performed well in overall readiness.

Indonesia ranked 11th in the index, they added.