The India-Australia series will kick off with the ODIs but it’s the T20 internationals that both the teams will be observing more keenly. International sports teams tend to prioritize World Cups, and the ICC will stage two back-to-back T20 World Cups, Covid-permitting, in India (October-November 2021) and Australia (2022).
The T20 format is also evolving at speeds which sometimes tend to overwhelm even the keenest coaching expert and backroom data cruncher. This makes long-term planning for events like World Cups both fraught with danger and an absolute necessity. With only a sprinkling of T20 Internationals in each bilateral series, it is imperative that optimum use is made of each game.
Australia opener David Warner even sounded peeved the other day that the ODIs would be played at all, saying, “Our white-ball teams are relevant to the World Cups. Given there’s a T20 World Cup coming up in India, the preference will be the T20 stuff first.”