Inclusive education is creating new confidence in children with disabilities

Inclusiveness of education ensures that a normal student and a disabled person get equal opportunities to get education to meet special educational needs. Through inclusive education, an attempt is made to provide some more help to the special children along with the normal children in the normal school. Taking this objective forward, under Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission, Raigad Samagra Shiksha, children with disabilities are being prepared to face the challenges of life by giving physiotherapy and speech therapy in 9 development blocks. This has instilled new confidence in their mind and children are becoming capable of learning new dimensions of education. Physically mentally challenged children have to face difficult challenges step by step in getting education with normal life. It is necessary to lead these children to lead a self-reliant life, so that they can live a dignified life by mingling in the society. With this thinking, the state government is trying to provide equal education opportunity and positive impactful environment to the children with disabilities through inclusive quality education. Therapists have been appointed. Both the therapists visit all the 09 blocks on rotation basis. At the same time, the officers-staff of the Block Headquarters are playing an important role to collect the identified disabled children for therapy. On the other hand, Speech Therapist Pratibha Gavel (Speech and Language Pathologist) says that a total of 364 children with disabilities have benefited from speech therapy. He told that children with disabilities who have cerebral palsy, autism, congenital deformities like congenital dyslaxation of hip, club foot, equine foot, spine deformities like scoliosis, kyphosis, muscular dystrophies, mental retardation with loco motor disability, multiple disabilities, hearing impairment, mental retardation, Physiotherapy and speech therapy, who were suffering from various diseases and disabilities like mental palsy, speaking under their age, stuttering, are getting a new life and confidence. Parents are also counseled and explained to them about the condition, improvement and progress of the child. Necessary guidelines are given for children including nutrition and their hygiene, daily home exercise. By providing hearing aids to the hearing impaired children, the parents are told in detail how to use. Due to this the condition of children with disabilities is improving a lot. During continuous monitoring therapy at the district level, the district level officers visit continuously for feedback and inspection. The officers are continuously encouraging the differently abled children and parents to take care of the disabled children and also for therapy at home. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading