Agricultural scientists have given timely advice to farmers for agricultural work. He said that the second irrigation in wheat crop should be done about 40-50 days after sowing. This time a third dressing of nitrogen should be done. After this, irrigation should be done at an interval of every twenty days. Spraying of mildew fungicide at the rate of 3 grams per liter of water, if brown spots appear on the leaf is blight. The time for sowing of Rabi maize has come, so farmers brothers should prepare for this sowing. The first irrigation in gram crop should be done 40 to 45 days after sowing. In mustard crop, both the infant and adult moth have harmful conditions. Imidacloprid 17.8 SL is used to control the outbreak of this pest. Prepare the slurry at the rate of 250 ml per hectare and spray it two to three times at an interval of 10 to 15 days as required. The sowing time of Rabi sunflower has come, so farmers brothers should prepare for its sowing. Prepare seedlings in the bag for early harvest of pumpkin vegetables in vegetable and fruit crops. Do give water once a week to banana and papaya plants and in the event of flowering, support in the banana plant. The mangoes are starting to blossom, so irrigate the mangoes at a gap of 15 days when 50 percent blossom. Blossom gets converted into leaves by continuous watering. Similarly, farmers have been advised to spray pesticide, pesticide, pomegranate, gooseberry and plum fruits.