In August this year, debt-distressed Pakistan released a new political map which depicted all of Kashmir as being part of its territory, as well as the regions of Sir Creek and Junagadh. For its absurdity, Prime Minister Imran Khan-led country was highly criticised by India in a strong-worded response.

Now, there are some people still in Pakistan who think that the former princely state of Junagadh is part of their country. The family of former Nawab of Junagadh who fled to Pakistan in 1947 after it was created has expressed gratitude to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to media reports, last week, the so-called ‘Nawab of Junagadh’, Jehangir Khan, made his son Ahmed Ali, the next ‘Wazir-e-Azam’ (Dewan) of Junagadh.

“I will always tell Modi that ‘Prime Minister Modi, Junagadh was part of Pakistan yesterday, it is part of Pakistan today and will be part of Pakistan tomorrow as well’,” Jehangir Khan said at an event ‘official recognition ceremony of Dewan of Junagadh state’  in Karachi. He also claimed that India has “illegally” occupied Junagadh. Meanwhile, the newly appointed Dewan Ahmed Ali also asserted that he will ensure Junagadh’s “independence” from India.