School Education Minister Dr. Premsai Singh Tekam today launched the Nava Jatan program at the State Council of Educational Institutions and Training (SCERT). He asked the members of the State Resource Group present in the training program organized on this occasion to bring the children who were left behind in studies to the level of the present class by using the new saving guide in schools. It is worth mentioning that during the Corona period, the ‘Nava Jatan’ program will be run in the schools of the state to provide remedial education to such children who are backward from the current class level due to learning loss. The Nava Jatan program has been prepared under the Setu Curriculum 2.0 by the SCERT of the School Education Department. Minister Dr. Tekam also released Nav Jatan’s guide on the occasion. School Education Minister Dr. Tekam said that during the transition period of Corona, children’s education has suffered the most. Even after many efforts of the teachers, the children could not get the education as expected, due to which the bridge curriculum was created by SCERT for the educationally backward children in the past. It was implemented very diligently by the teachers in all the classes. He said that the baseline assessment of children from class I to VIII in the state was not only so that we could know at which grade level the children are at present, but also we had to know from it that the children were able to know the level of their present class. But if not, then at what level of the lower class are you? Minister Dr. Tekam said that now we have complete data of baseline assessment. Records of about 95 percent of the children studying in the state are available and Chhattisgarh is probably the first state in the country to have this information about the level at which each child is from class one to eight. He said that the way of seeing the educational level of the children has been told in the training. Now the educational level of each child from class I to VIII can be seen through the departmental web portal. He said that now that we have come to know at what level the children are, then it becomes our responsibility to bring our children to their present grade level, for this there is a need to provide remedial education to the children. Keeping this need in mind, Nava Jatan program is being started under Setu Curriculum 2.0. Dr. Tekam said that the present trainees were told that in Nava Jatan, the text material is available for every level of the child. Seeing the level of the child by visiting the web portal, according to his level, select the activity from the Nava Jatan Booklet. In this, special activities have been suggested by subject-experts. He said that apart from this teachers can provide better remedial education to the children through their ordinary teaching experience. He expressed confidence that the state level trainers present in the training would give training to all the cluster coordinators in their districts with full devotion and the school cluster coordinators would make this program successful by training the teachers. School Education Secretary Dr. Kamalpreet Singh said that children all over the world were kept away from school during the Corona period. Due to online education not being very effective, 80 to 90 percent of the children’s education was affected. To compensate for this in Chhattisgarh, a one-month bridge course was conducted as soon as the school opened. Nav Jatan program has been started to teach the children who are left out in studies more effectively after the baseline assessment. Director SCERT Shri Rajesh Singh Rana informed that arrangements have been made for monitoring the Nava Jatan program. Additional Director of SCERT Dr. Yogesh Shivhare also addressed the training program. Four people, one assistant project officer, one diet teacher and two teachers were present from each district as resource group in the training on this occasion. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading