Children also get corona infection even if the percentage is less, compared to adults, but if they become infected, they do not show signs of corona or will have mild fever, phlegm, sore throat but they can be carriers and adults Especially the elderly can be easily infected. Because they have more emotional attachment among themselves. Therefore, treatment of children with less symptoms of corona should not be delayed. UNICEF health expert Dr. Sridhar said that even children younger than 2 years old, underweight newborns, obese children or children who have lung or other disease also get more complicated problem due to corona infection. Therefore it is very important to protect children from infection.
Dr. Sridhar believes that whenever the children go out or talk to the people outside, they must put on the mask correctly. Children should keep a distance of 1 meter from people other than household members or from sick members. They should also be taught to wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. Dr. Sridhar said that at such a time, scheduled vaccinations of children will have to be done on time, not a single vaccine should be missed. Vaccines can prevent fatal diseases like measles, diphtheria, diarrhea, pneumonia, hepatitis.
The UNICEF official said that children are still living at home during the epidemic, yet they should continue to do physical activities. Children also have stress like elders. When they see how the elders of the house are coping with Kovid-19, they will behave in the same manner.