Illegal and without permission will have to be done in Municipality or Nagar Panchayat for equalization of buildings

According to the provision of Section 2 of the Chhattisgarh Authorized Development Regulation 2002 Amendment Act 2022, notification date has been declared on July 14, 2022, which will be published in Ch. It has been published in the Gazette on 27 July 2022, under which illegal buildings constructed before 14 July 2022 in Surajpur, Vishrampur, Premnagar, Pratappur, Jarhi, and Bhatgaon investment areas of city and village investment (by deviating from building permission or without building permission) ) has a provision for regularization. In order to regularize illegal buildings, the application of buildings coming under the urban body area will be received in the concerned Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Nagar Panchayat and such illegal buildings which are outside the urban body limits but within the investment areas of city and village investment, The benefits of the above provisions can be availed by submitting the application to the Office of the Assistant Director, Town and Country Investment, Regional Office, Ambikapur. Along with the said application, the following documents B-1, P-2, Khasra Batakan, Registry, Photocopy of Patta, Proof of construction of the building before the notified date, such as electricity bill, copy of property tax, if approved earlier, the building Permission, land use certificate of the building, certificate of the competent authority in case of non-profit making organization, width of access road, calculation report of parking lot, photograph of all four sides of the building, site map of the building, affidavit format Application can be made by attaching A and B.Like this:Like Loading…Continue Reading