Cars of the country’s carmaker Maruti Suzuki and Tata are very much liked by Indians. But now a news is coming with Maruti cars that will surprise you. Let me tell you that if you have made up your mind to buy a four-wheeler, then buy it soon or else your pocket will be more loose in this purchase in the new year. Because Maruti Suzuki India has talked about increasing the price of its vehicles from the beginning of the new year. It was said on behalf of the company that this increase in prices is necessary because of the increase in input cost. The company says that the cost of vehicle manufacturing has increased, so some of its burden will now be passed on to the customers.

In a filing of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the company has mentioned all these things and at the same time it has been made clear from Maruti Suzuki that this price increase will vary for different models of the company. Let us tell you that Maruti Suzuki is the first company to announce increase in vehicle prices in the country, but now it can be clearly predicted that other automakers will also announce the increase in prices of their vehicles very soon.