A phased campaign is being conducted to identify TB patients in the state. In the first phase of the campaign, intensive screening is being done in high risk groups. So far, 34 TB victims and 2029 suspected patients have been identified in the state so far this year. In the second phase, the entire population will be surveyed from house to house for one month. Director of Health and Family Welfare Department, Dr. Priyanka Shukla informed about the campaign. He said that under the special campaign started from January-2021, so far 16 thousand 621 prisoners of various jails of the state, 11 thousand 219 laborers of mine areas, 1 lakh 89 thousand 276 people of slums, 790 elders living in old age homes and 289 health workers have been investigated. During this, a total of 2 lakh 23 thousand 955 people were investigated. Of these, 2029 suspected patients and 34 TB victims have been identified. The health worker has started immediate treatment after counseling to the patients found positive. Medicines are being given to prevent TB patients found in homes with young children below six years of age. A target of 7 lakh people is targeted during the campaign. He informed that health workers in all districts have been given necessary training for screening and identification of TB patients. In high-risk groups, TB screening will be completed before the rainy season. Sputum samples of suspected patients being found at the screening are compiled and sent to CBNAT for investigation. Immediate treatment of positive patients is also being started. People are being told about ways to prevent and prevent TB by making them aware.