The anti-Modi alliance is dependent on the mercy of ten Janpath. This truth has again made it clear by Kumar Swamy: Kumaraswamy said, ‘My party has not formed a single government. I had asked for such a mandate from the people that I would not let anyone else go under pressure. But I am on the mercy of Congress today. I am not under the pressure of 60 million people in the state. ”
Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy today gave a shocking statement that nobody had expected such a statement, Kumaraswamy said that I am not indebted to the people of Karnataka, I am just indebted to the Congress party
It is clear from Kumar Swamy’s statement that the Chief Minister is very angry with the people of Karnataka, it is the fact that Kumaraswamy had contested 220 seats in Karnataka, in which 147 of his party’s seizure was seized.
Later, with the help of the Congress, it became the Chief Minister, but most of the people of the state had confiscated their security, and Kumaraswamy was angry with the people of the state, and today he said that I am indebted to the Congress party but not the people.
In today’s case, in 1996, these Kumar Swamy’s father Devgora Janata Dal had become the Prime Minister with the support of some seats on the strength of the Congress. He reminds them of what happened.
At the same time, we should remember, after Devgowda, Indra Kumar Gujral became the Prime Minister of the Janata Dal.
His prime ministerial age was not even for 1 year. Will the voter want to bring back the same position by voting for the anti-coalition coalition?
The government’s coalition government, whose prime minister has been the basis of a few seats, and whose party has given him a lot of seats, has been short of the tenure of those prime ministers, whether it is Vishwanath Pratap Singh or Chaudhary Charan Singh.
Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy said, “I am on the mercy of Congress today. I am not under the pressure of 60 million people in the state. I have to get permission from Congress, without their permission, I can not do anything, they have supported me. “If this statement of Kumaraswamy is understood, then he has said in clear words that he is not the Chief Minister of Karnataka but Nehru-Gandhi The family’s ‘slaves’ are.
Actually, in the manner in which Kumaraswamy has knocked on the Congress, it seems that he has remembered only the chair and the other. Because it has been clear that the manner in which the ordinance was coming from 10 Janpath during the UPA government, the same would happen in Karnataka as well.
Congress’s debtor is Kumaraswamy, not the people! – The unethical way the government has been formed by the JDS and the Congress in Karnataka, it shows that without asking Sonia Gandhi, Kumaraswamy can not make any decision. It is also evident that Kumaraswamy can not split the portfolio even while being the Chief Minister, because Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are out of the country.
Out of 220 seats, 147 seats were seized of the seizure – i.e. 80 percent of the seats, the public did not consider them worth any. Clearly, the mandate was against them, but even after being rejected by the people, and less seats, Kumaraswamy accepted to be the chief minister. Obviously they are mentally prepared to slay the Gandhi-Nehru family!
Congress will repay with revenge from the public! – Kumaraswamy has become Chief Minister on the basis of Jugaad in Karnataka, but it seems that he is not happy even after getting the top post of the state. In his mind, there is a problem of being the smallest party anywhere, and this statement can be considered as the same pain. There is bitterness in this statement, but it is also true that both the parties have also been prepared to combine for 2019.
The conscious people of India will no longer want to be like Tenasantha’s das like Kumar Swaroop, in the same way, in 2019, become one of ten heads Ravana.