Complaints of cancer are increasing due to lifestyle. In Chhattisgarh, cases of breast cancer and oral cancer are coming out more. Excess of oral cancer is due to excessive consumption of tobacco, gutkha and gudakhu. If we stay away from intoxication and do traditional eating, regular exercise according to our surroundings, then the chances of other diseases including cancer are reduced. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra, Balko Medical Research Center oncologist, as a guest at the Hello Doctor program of Newduniya, said this.

Dr. Rakesh said that awareness about cancer is important. If the disease is caught in the initial stage, if their treatment is started on time, then soon the patient becomes healthy. The case is found after the increase in cancer in most people. The reason for this is not timely investigation and treatment. The usual way to identify cancer is if any tumor or process in the body is growing rapidly, then it can be diagnosed as cancer. After knowing the situation, do not go to the specialist related to the disease and have to wander for treatment. Timely investigation and correct treatment, without taking any kind of problem lightly, definitely gives relief.