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MUMBAI: Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in his Dusshera rally on Friday said that the BJP has neither understood Veer Savarkar nor Mahatma Gandhi but only dividing the Hindus on caste and community line to rule and remain in power.

Thackeray said that Hindutva is in danger today but those at the peak of the power are using Hindutva by dividing the people on the lines of caste and religion. “They adopted the Britisher’s divide and rule policy. They are dividing our people so that they can get power and remain in power. Power is like a drug for them,” he said.

He alleged that the Centre has been interfering in the governance of the state government.

 “When the constitution was drafted, fear was raised that the Centre may encroach over the rights of the respective states. At that time, drafting committee chairman Dr BR Ambedkar clearly said that there was no big brother and small brother in centre and state relationship. Both are equally important and equal rights. Only the specific sectors like defence, foreign affairs etc will be dealt with by the centre while other rights of the states will remain intact,” Thackeray said asking constitutional experts to do the discussion and debate over this important issue.

Uddhav Thackeray also dared the BJP to topple his government. He said if the BJP has really guts then they should pull down his government.

 “I was not interested in the chief ministerial post but I had given the word to Balasaheb Thackeray that one day, he will make Shiv Sainik the chief minister of Maharashtra. Therefore, he took the responsibility to fulfil his father’s wish. But other Shiv Sainiks will also work hard to become the chief minister of Maharashtra,” Thackeray added.

He said the BJP is the world largest political party but they have to import the candidate for the state bypolls in Maharashtra.

“Why there is selective outrage in media. The 3000-tonne drugs were detected at Mudra port in Gujarat but no one is talking about it. Even the court has asked to probe this issue. But there is studied silence by the central government. When it comes to Maharashtra, then every small issue is blown out of proportion. Maharashtra and Mumbai police image has been tarnished by raising fake issues,” Thackeray retorted.   

He said that the Mumbai police’s Narcotic department has seized more quantity of drugs than the central narcotic agency, but who hogs the limelight?  “We should give credit to our police for working hard and keeping us safe.”

He slammed that most of the CSR and central government funds are diverted towards Gujarat. “Why they are not diverting this fund to Maharashtra or any other state. Why there is step-motherly treatment to Maharashtra,” he asked.

People should feel I am their brother: Thackeray’s response to Fadnavis’ comment

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray took the potshot at former CM Devendra Fadnavis’s earlier statement of, “I still feel chief minister of Maharashtra.”

Thackeray said that he should never feel like a chief minister of Maharashtra.

“People should feel I am their brother or relative or someone else from their family,” Thackeray said.