Hero Lectro, a division of Hero Cycles, has launched its new smart electric bicycle in India. Its price has been stated by the company as Rs 49,000. It can be booked for Rs 5000. Lithium battery and rear hub motor have been used in this smart bicycle and also have 7 speed gears. The company has also provided smart connectivity facility for Bluetooth devices in this cycle, that is, you can connect it to the phone through the iSmart app.

The company says that this bicycle is a high-end futuristic product. Detachable batteries have been used in this. This battery gives this bicycle a range of up to 60 kilometers at a time and its top speed is 25 kilometers per hour.

This e-bicycle has been brought to the attention of enthusiasts, who love recreation, entertainment and adventure. It gets lightweight alloy wheels and double disc brakes. Canda tires have been installed in it.