If you are serving or cooperating, or donating, do not beat your drummer. Selfless service and charity, it gives its proper fruit and virtue. If you donate with the right hand, then your left hand should not be known. Do charity by keeping such spirit. ‘Do good things in the river’, that is, after doing good deeds, forget and do not propagate it from place to place. Sankarshan Maharaj gave this message to the devotees in the online discourse.

Maharaj said in his message that karma should be done in such a way that it becomes a yajna, today a person desires to get something after performing karma, it becomes selfish, but the way we sacrifice in the yajna and forget In the same way, after performing karma, surrender like a yagna. The divine Yajna is Narayana giving manifold results, but it is necessary to have a sense of dedication only then it becomes a karma, a yajna. The work that we do in our daily routine is not karma, it is our duty that we have to serve our parents. Family upbringing. This is all our duty. When we work like a yagna with the help of some kind of help or charity. We do not have any desire while doing work, we do not want to get anything in return, we do it selflessly, then that karma becomes a yajna. Lord Krishna has asked Arjuna to do similar work.

Sankarshan Maharaj threw light on the character of Lord Shri Ram and said that whatever work God has done, do not see it as a character, it was his Leela. Today, educated people in society are going into a state of divorce due to doubt, trust in each other is becoming less, trust is necessary. Do not cheat each other, keep the faith. Only then life will go well Divorce or separation will not come soon. God did not abandon Sita Mata. Mother Sita remained in her heart every moment. This was his play. Today, on small matters, the husband and wife are separating and destroying the life of themselves and their family. Thinking about it should be contemplated. Care for each other and take care of family except selfishness.